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In50hrs Bangalore Edition

In50hrs Bangalore Edition

In50Hrs is a Weekend Idea-To-Prototype Event where people with Ideas, Developers, and Designers come together to give life to ideas and have working prototypes before the weekend is out, present it to a room full of like-minded folks, and perhaps pave the way for the beginning of a new product.

More details and registration here


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Chennai Open Coffee Club - May

Chennai Open Coffee Club - May

Welcome to the Monthly Meetup of The Chennai Open Coffee Club. Here we connect, meet new entrepreneurs, and discuss issues that startups are facing, and find ways to resolve them. 

The Chennai Open Coffee Club is one of the nation's longest running community meetups in the startup space.

Entry is free but seats are limited, so RSVP if you are attending.

Visit Chennai Open Coffee Club for details. RSVP Here

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TSC OpenHouse

The OpenHouses are casual events organized by The Startup Centre to invite entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs along with the community in Chennai to come out, meet, greet, and ask questions (if any) about what we do at The Startup Centre.

The Format is a potluck event - where participants are invited to bring anything to the event, be it sweets, cookies, refreshments or eateries. Go with the golden principle of - something that you'd like to have.

Coffee and tea will be served at the event, and might also have some beer - for those who feel social.

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